A Deep Clean for your Hot Tub

A "SpaDoc" is a deep clean of your hot tub's plumbing by chemical means.* Over time, even the most cared for hot tub will develop what is called 'Biofilm' in the piping. Biofilm is resistant to normal levels of sanitizer and must be attacked with other chemicals to kill and remove from the piping. It is recommended to fully drain and refill your hot tub every 4-6 months based on usage.

The steps in a SpaDoc:

  1. Enzyme Treatment to remove Biofilm

  2. Super-Chlorination to fully sanitize and kill bacteria

  3. Cleaning the underside of the spa cover

  4. Neutralization of the chlorine in the water

  5. Full drain of the water

  6. Clean and rinse of the spa fiberglass shell

  7. Refill, balance and new sanitizer added to water

  8. Rinse and clean the hot tub cover and cabinet

SpaDoc Pricing

SpaDoc treatments start at $195

Most SpaDoc's can be done at this price

Some situations my dictate a higher price

Pricing assumes the hot tub is fully operational and the water and filter are relatively clean.

If the hot tub has been shut off and unused for any length of time then the process will need to be completed TWICE to ensure an adequate cleaning adding $150 to the cost.

Requirements and Disclaimers regarding the SpaDoc Treatment:

A 4 hour window of time

A suitable place to drain the water

A suitable method to refill the water

Old hot tub water may damage plants/grass

Some hot tub covers may be impossible to clean due to age/disrepair

Some hot tub cabinets by be impossible to clean due to age/disrepair

Some hot tubs may be not be a candidate for a SpaDoc

1 hour is included for refill of the hot tub

Low water flow from available water source may increase the price

Other situations regarding the age, state of repair or location of the hot tub may inhibit the effect of a SpaDoc

Important note regarding residential hot tubs:

No residential hot tub is built to the same standards as a commercial pool or spa. It is impossible to guarantee a commercial standard of sanitation in a residential hot tub because they are not built to commercial standards of pool sanitation. No service provided by Ion Pools is guaranteed to prevent the spread of any illness in residential hot tubs.

Organizations including the CDC and the WHO set standards for public health sanitation in the Pool/Spa Industry. Another organization, the NSF, is the organization that sets the standards for the actual equipment used in the Pool/Spa Industry just as they do with equipment used in food preparation for the Restaurant Industry. To the best of our knowledge, NO residential hot tub manufacturer produces or has produced a residential hot tub that meets NSF standards.

*Due to how hot tubs are constructed, it is virtually impossible to physically clean all of the plumbing and tubing inside of a hot tub. Even a small hot tub with just 12 jets will have 140-160 feet of tubing. Larger, full feature spas can have over 500 feet of tubing. The time it would take to disassemble and clean the insides of that much pipe would be cost prohibitive to say the least.