Hot Tub and Spa Repair

Ion Pools has over 15 years experience in Hot Tub/Spa Repair.

Are you protected from electrical shock while using your hot tub?

Many consumers don't understand the importance of the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection on their hot tub. The purpose of the GFCI is to trip the breaker if it detects a dangerous short in the hot tub wiring thereby protecting anyone in the hot tub from electrocution.

Most commonly, the main breaker for your hot tub is a GFCI breaker. This means there is a button on the breaker face that is used to test the functionality of the protection provided by the GFCI. It is recommended that this be tested on a monthly basis. 


If the pushing the button does NOT trip the breaker then the hot tub should be turned off at the breaker and an electrician called to replace the breaker.

ONLY a licensed electrician is authorized to replace a GFCI circuit breaker.

No pool contractor, even if licensed, is allowed to replace a circuit breaker.

Operating and using the hot tub without GFCI protection could lead to serious injury or death.

If you happen to have a 110volt plug-in hot tub, the GFCI protection is built in to the plug.

There will be a test button and a reset button on the oversized plug.

If testing the plug end doesn't trip the power off, unplug the hot tub and make sure no one can plug it back in and call us for a replacement cord. This is a component of the hot tub and capable of being replaced by a pool and spa contractor.

Ion Pools is one of the few Hot Tub/Spa repair companies licensed by the state as a "Certified Pool/Spa Contractor"


I highly discourage trusting your hot tub repairs to any person not licensed at the minimum level for Pool & Spa repairs by the state. Many of these people have no formal training in electrical repairs and wiring. The owner of Ion Pools has been called out to many hot tubs where incorrect wiring by other people has left dangerous electrocution hazards present in the hot tub.

Ion Pools has extensive experience with the following Hot Tub Brands:

  • Leisure Bay

  • Vita Spa

  • Dreamaker

  • Maax

  • American Whirlpool

  • Coleman

  • Jacuzzi

  • Sundance

  • Bullfrog

  • Artesian

  • Dimension 1

  • LA Spas

  • Cal Spas