Is it time to replace your main drain covers?

Many existing drain covers do not meet current safety standards for anti-entrapment and drowning prevention.

Old, damaged and out-of-date covers should be replaced as soon as possible.

Ion Pools can visually inspect your main drain covers at no charge and provide an estimate for replacement.

In 2008, the US Congress passed the Virginia Graham Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act. While this act largely focuses on commercial and public pools, there are some aspects that also affect residential pools.

Ion Pools believes that your pool should be as safe as any public pool.

Replacing old main drains with newer, SAFER models is a big step towards providing your family and friends the safest swimming environment possible.

You can follow the below link to the "Pool Safely" US Government page for more specific information on the 'VGB' Act.

Examples of hazardous drain covers.

hazardous pool main drain
hazardous pool main drain
hazardous pool main drain

Examples of damaged or loose main drain covers.

Hazardous Pool Main Drain
Hazardous Pool Main Drain
Hazerdous Pool Main Drain
Dual Suction Pool Main Drains

Dual Suction Main Drains

VGB Act Approved Single Suction Pool Main Drain Cove

Most modern pools have 2 main drains to distribute suction forces and make entrapment and drowning less possible.

Pools that only have one main drain should be retrofitted with an approved 'single suction' main drain cover.

Single Suction Pool Main Drainn
VGB Act Approved Single Suction Pool Main Drain Cover
Out-of-Date Drain Covers

Ultra-violet light, chlorine and bad water chemistry can make any main drain cover brittle.

All main drain covers have expiration dates.

These vary by manufacturer but are generally 5-7 years after installation.

How much does it cost?

In our primary service area, the installation cost for 1-4 main drain covers is $165 plus the cost of the new cover(s).

The cost of the new cover runs from $19 to $69 based on which type of existing main drain(s) your pool/spa has.

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